Multi-factor authentication is a methodology whereby someone is granted access to a computer, device, or application only after providing two or more pieces of evidence (the ‘factors’) that verify who they are. 


Enabling Multi-factor Authentication is a must!

Byron Martin with Teknologize here.

I've got one thing for you. Enable multi-factor authentication for everything.

If you do not have multi-factor authentication for your Office 365 or Gmail, do it now. If you don't have multi-factor authentication for Dropbox or whatever Cloud services that you're using, do it, and do it today.

Because once you put that step in there, it significantly reduces your risk. And right now, with COVID-19, the bad guys are trying to exploit all those fears and emotions, and that's one big thing that you can do to protect yourself is enable multi-factor authentication. Today, now.


68% of black hat hackers say multi-factor authentication and encryption are the biggest hacker obstacles.

(Source: Thycotic)

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