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Enhance Your Online Security Now with Multifactor Authentication

Enhance Your Online Security Now with Multifactor Authentication

In a recent National Cybersecurity Alliance survey, 57% of respondents said they have heard of multifactor authentication (MFA), but many people don’t realize that multifactor authentication is an incredibly important layer of protection in keeping accounts secure.


Every October, we observe Cybersecurity Awareness Month to emphasize the significance of cybersecurity and encourage the use of simple cybersecurity practices. Marking its 20th year, The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has launched a lasting cybersecurity awareness initiative named Secure Our World.

The second key action highlighted by CISA is to turn on Multifactor Authentication.

This is how easy it is to turn on MFA whenever possible.


Turn on Multifactor Authentication

Of those who have heard of MFA, 79% had applied it to their online accounts. (NCA)

Of that number, 94% said they are still using MFA, showing that once MFA is enabled, users will keep using it. (NCA)


MFA provides extra security by providing a secondary method of confirming your identity when logging into accounts. MFA usually requires you to enter a code sent to your phone or email, or one generated by an authenticator app. Push notifications are also common methods of MFA. This added step prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to your accounts, even if your password has been compromised.


Follow These Steps To Turn On MFA

  • Open your app or account settings

    It may be called Account Settings, Settings & Privacy, or similar.
  • Turn on multifactor authentication

    It may also be called two-factor authentication, two-step authentication, or similar.
  • Confirm

    Select an MFA method to use from the options provided.

       Examples are:

    • Receiving a code by text or email

    • Using an authenticator app: These phone-based apps generate a new code every 30 seconds or so. THIS IS WHAT WE RECOMMEND!! It’s far more secure than an SMS text message.

    • Biometrics: This uses facial recognition or fingerprints to confirm your identity.


SMS is the most frequently used form of MFA but it's also the least secure. It's easier for a hacker to gain access to your text messages than it is to gain physical access to your phone. With that said, any form of MFA is better than nothing at all.

Turning on MFA provides extra security for your online accounts and apps. Set it up today!


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