We’ve witnessed a shift in how we work to that of a hybrid workforce, a blended workforce comprising of both remote and in-office work. As such, businesses of all sizes are enabling remote collaboration while keeping their workers and data secure by moving to a cloud platform.

Is your business looking to move applications to Microsoft cloud services, both Microsoft 365 and Azure?

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners can help organizations through the process of planning and deployment. Utilizing a CSP partner will enable you to make the transition to the cloud, keep your customers happy, and have a seamless experience along the way.


What is Microsoft’s CSP Program?


Microsoft defines its "Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program" as a true cloud reseller program, with Microsoft partners shifting from primarily reselling Microsoft Cloud Products and Services to managing the entire customer relationship.

The CSP program enables partners, like Teknologize, to sell Microsoft’s cloud services to its customers, and provides additional value to organization’s cloud experience via support, billing flexibility, and advice.

As a customer, you don’t have to interact with Microsoft and instead will merely have to manage the relationship with your CSP Partner.


Advantages of Buying your Microsoft Cloud Services Via a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)


1. Full Flexibility in M365 Licensing

Purchasing your M365 licensing via a CSP gives you the flexibility to adjust that number of licenses up and down, on a monthly basis, and only pay for what you use. This allows you to scale up for a big project or peak in business or scale down when needed. In the case of Azure, you simply pay for what you used the previous month, like a phone bill.


2. Expert Advice and Guidance

With one partner looking after all of your Microsoft 365 licenses, you can draw on our expertise and skills to maximize the benefits of your technology investment. Let's discuss your organization's IT strategy, and we will ensure your licensing is aligned with your goals.  

3. Local Support for your Microsoft Services

As a local CSP provider, we become your primary point of contact and receive your support calls regarding your Microsoft services. Where necessary, we will deal directly with Microsoft on your behalf, where our support requests are returned and addressed in a timely manner. As your CSP partner, we are the point of contact in case of a problem (technical and billing & subscription support), which relieves you of this task.

4. Simple Monthly Billing

One of the main appeals to the CSP program is the month-to-month payment model. Each month you will receive a bill for the licenses that you use and your Azure consumption. No upfront payments or long-term commitments.

5. Cost Saving Opportunities

There is an option for reduced annual pricing with no contract or commitment.


Getting Started with Microsoft’s CSP Program

Interested in transitioning to the Cloud? Microsoft’s CSP program is an excellent source of purchasing cloud-based services but it’s important that you understand exactly what you are signing up for so that you can make informed decisions for your organization.

Teknologize is happily helping our customers through this process of moving to the Microsoft cloud platform, and we can help you too.

Microsoft CSP

Source: Microsoft


Common Questions Regarding Microsoft CSP

  • Can I migrate existing Azure Services to CSP Azure? Yes, we will first need to assess your current environment. We then schedule engineering time to move you to the new subscription. Additionally, we discuss with you options for items that are not so easily moved between Azure subscriptions.

  • Do I need to sign any agreements? Yes, you will need to sign the Microsoft Cloud Agreement. 

  • Who sends me my invoice? Teknologize will invoice you monthly. We get invoiced from Microsoft on a monthly basis for all the CSP spend attributable to our customers. From this, we create an invoice for your exact spend.

  • Will I keep admin control? Yes, you can still have full admin control over your Office 365 tenancy and Azure subscriptions.

  • Can I leave CSP? Yes, since CSP is a monthly subscription, you can join at any time, and you can stop participating at any time. CSP gives you the flexibility to alter your subscription, in numbers and services, per month.

  • How do I sign up? Contact us! We’d love to help. 509-396-6640


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