Microsoft works off what is called a shared responsibility model. The message is simple, Microsoft is responsible for its cloud, and end-users and Businesses are responsible for what’s in it.


Microsoft 365 Security is a Shared Responsibility





What is the most hacked or targeted cloud service in the world?  


Microsoft 365. 


And whose responsibility is it to secure it? 


Shared responsibility. 


Microsoft's responsibility is to make sure that it's up and running, it's reliable, and they provide the tools and means for you to secure it, but they're not in there configuring your security settings. 


That's your responsibility. And that's the pitfall, because everybody's like, "Oh, yeah, I'm 365, I'm all set, I'm secure, I don't have to worry about it anymore." 


SaaS Protection


SaaS protection


Well, guess what? 


Did you disable international logins? No. 


Did you, do you have MFA set up? No.


That's on your shoulders. 


We use 365. Absolutely. I love a lot of the value it provides. However, we also dig deep into ensuring that it's as secure as we can make it on our end. 

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