Interesting conversation around the IT and Cybersecurity demands of the modern wind farm and the critical technology running behind the scenes. Listen now!


Video: Byron Martin & Dan Morgan of Teknologize Talk IT &

Cybersecurity For Wind Farms



Byron Martin CEO of Teknologize, and Dan Morgan, CTO of Teknologize joined Uptime Podcast to discuss how IT keeps wind turbines running and share their expertise in technology, systems and cybersecurity for wind sites.

Wind farms are more and more data driven and analytics driven, and very tech heavy, most of it behind the scenes. Having an IT and cybersecurity company that has the knowledge and expertise to keep them up to date and running is a crucial part of the process. Wind farms must have their technology on point, they cannot experience downtime or outages or any hiccups at all.

The IT and cybersecurity experts from Teknologize sat down to discuss the needs of both modern and aging wind farms. The challenges of upgrading older software systems to modern standards. With a projected 20-year lifespan, a wind site will see massive changes in technology and infrastructure needs over that span of time and will need to see their systems upgraded numerous times.

A major pain point for companies is upgrading software and hardware: When to do it? How much to spend? Byron and Dan shed a lot of light onto just how difficult those financial decisions can be for not only wind farms, but all businesses.

The episode concludes with a great overview of modern cybersecurity issues - something everyone needs to not only be thinking about but acting on. Cybersecurity is also a major concern with the recent SolarWinds breach, and Byron and Dan share their insights on what companies need to implement going forward.

Cybersecurity Assessment

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