So here's the critical thing, the myth. And I touched on it a minute ago.


Myth: I Can Recover from Backups




"Hey, I can recover from backups. I don't have to worry about it. If something happens, I'm good."


Well, take into consideration the cost of downtime. Reputational damage. Just the stress. It's a stressful situation. Stress for you, stress for employees and clients and customers that you have.


And then also the risk of your information or even worse, your customer information getting out there onto the dark web and being sold.


And then being extorted to not have that information released. It's a real thing and it's happening here.


And then just ongoing recovery cost, it's not just a hey now we're recovered after 69 days, no, you end up paying for it. For 12 months or 24 months, just the costs are all over the place.


OK, so what do we do about this?


Backups. You have to have unique backup credentials. You need segmented backups that are not part of your core network.


Two different backup copies are maintained and stored on different media in different locations.


And then at least one backup is offline or air-gapped.


And then backups are tested on a regular basis.


And when I say backups, you're actually testing and you're doing recoveries.


Just run a drill.


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