Microsoft works off what is called a shared responsibility model. The message is simple, Microsoft is responsible for its cloud, and end-users and Businesses are responsible for what’s in it.


Myth: My Data is Safe in the Cloud



Another myth, "My data is safe in the cloud."


I hear it all the time.


"Our data's with our vendor", or “We're using Microsoft 365”, or  "We're using Google."


That's awesome. I love those services too, and we use them just as much as everybody else.


However, Microsoft 365 and others employ a shared responsibility model.


Which effectively says, "We set up the platform and the system for you to use, but it's your responsibility to make sure that it's secure, and that your data's protected, not ours."


So, you must take that into consideration with your planning, and protection.


And realize that if your SharePoint, OneDrive, or Google Drive, or your email is compromised, hacked, or you lose all your data, it's not their responsibility, that's your responsibility.


SaaS Protection


SaaS Protection



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