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Lock It Down: The Power of Strong Passwords and Password Managers

Lock It Down: The Power of Strong Passwords and Password Managers

Only 33% of individuals create unique passwords for all accounts (NCA)


Cybersecurity Awareness Month is observed every October to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and promote good cybersecurity practices. In celebration of its 20th year, The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has introduced a permanent cybersecurity awareness program called Secure Our World.

This program aims to promote lasting change and raise awareness about cybersecurity among individuals, families, and small to medium-sized businesses. One of the key actions highlighted by CISA is the importance of using strong passwords and a reliable password manager to protect our online accounts.


Use Strong Passwords and a Password Manager

As our online lives expand, the average user has gone from having just a few passwords to now managing upwards of 100. That’s 100 unique passwords to remember if you’re using strong password habits.

Password managers can save users the trouble of having to remember multiple passwords and make accounts safer by recommending strong, unique passwords and storing them all in one place.

Using an easy-to-guess password is like locking the door but leaving the key in the lock. Weak passwords can quickly be cracked by computer hackers. The good news is that strong passwords are one of the easiest ways to protect your accounts from compromise and reduce the risk of someone stealing sensitive information, data, money, or even your identity.


Strengthen Your Passwords With These Tips

1. Longer is stronger: Passwords with at least 16 characters are the hardest to crack.


2. Hard to guess: Use a random string of mixed-case letters, numbers, and symbols.

For example:

  • cXmnZK65rf*&DaaD
  • Yuc8$RikA34%ZoPPao98t

If you need to memorize a password, create a memorable “passphrase” of 5 – 7 unrelated words. Get creative with spelling and/or add numbers or symbols.

Such as:

  • Strong: HorsePurpleHatRunBaconShoes
  • Stronger: HorsPerpleHatRunBayconShoos
  • Strongest: HorsPerpleHat#1RunBayconShoos


3. One of a kind: Use a unique password for each account.


Remembering long, unique passwords for every account in our lives is impossible. Rather than write them down or reuse weak passwords, use a password manager.


Password Manager

Only 18% of individuals have downloaded a password manager (NCA)

Password managers generate complex and unique passwords for you, store them all in one place, and tell you when you have weak, re-used passwords, or compromised passwords. They can also automatically fill credentials into sites and apps using a secure browser plugin.

You only need to remember one master password—the one for accessing the password manager itself.

Tip: Create a memorable long “passphrase” as described above and NEVER write your master password down.


Protect Your Business Against Cyberattack

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