54 percent of SMBs report the increasing complexity of IT as the main reason for outsourcing their IT.

1 in 4 SMBs lost revenue due to IT-related problems.

Video: Technology Doesn’t Have to be Frustrating



My name is Byron Martin, CEO of Teknologize.

We provide modern IT solutions. So, it's a little bit of IT with pizzazz, but it's also with vision, strategy, and planning.


Proactive IT

You know, it doesn't do anybody any good to constantly be reacting to IT issues. There is a lot of need for analyzing and planning ahead. We have built proactive unique processes that are modern, that are lean, that provide faster, more immediate results for businesses. We not only eliminate or mitigate issues with technology frustrations, but we leverage the technology that's out there now to really propel businesses to move forward.




Approachable IT

We have clients that are in the medical and healthcare industry. We have clients that are in financial and banking, and clients that are in energy, a local wind farm. We are passionate about technology. And most importantly, we love interacting with our clients and helping them.

Technology does not have to be something that people are frustrated about and hate. Technology can be an essential tool that takes you to the next level as a business and organization.

And we are here to help you find and identify that path to align technology with your business goals and vision. It is astounding. Within 12 months, we see many of our clients progress extensively with how they leverage and use technology.


Teknologize has clients throughout the Pacific Northwest with offices located in the Tri-Cities and Yakima, Washington 509.396.6640 and Bend, Oregon 541.848.6072.