Top 5 Cybersecurity Musts.

So, what can you do?




1. Patching and software updates.

I know it's a broken record. But that is still one of the number one things that allows hacks and breaches to occur is that systems are not patched. It's still all the time.


2. Regular and segregated backups.

Yeah, you know what worries me the most? Is when I hear a common theme that..


“I thought my backups were good.”

“We had backups.”

“I didn't realize that they were susceptible to ransomware.”


And that is just heartbreaking because they think they're going through and doing the right things. But they're not realizing that their backups are just as susceptible to ransomware or other cyber-attacks as their data and other systems.


3. Advanced Endpoint protection.

Antivirus software is dead. It hardly does any good anymore.


4. Multi-factor authentication.

For all e-mail and domain admin accounts.


5. Security awareness training and testing.


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