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6 Common Technology Challenges Business Owners Face

6 Common Technology Challenges Business Owners Face
6 Common Technology Challenges Business Owners Face

Technology can offer a strategic advantage for businesses across all industries when used effectively. However, business owners often face common tech obstacles that hinder productivity, ranging from minor inconveniences to serious threats that could potentially shut down operations.

In this blog, we discuss six technology challenges that small business owners encounter regularly and provide practical solutions to either avoid or resolve them.


1. Struggling with Industry-Specific Compliance Standards


Data security regulations vary by industry, dictating how businesses handle and safeguard information. In healthcare, HIPAA governs electronic medical records. Finance has a web of regulations, including FFIEC, GLB, and SEC. The Department of Defense enforces CMMC for its contractors.

Keeping up with these requirements can be overwhelming for small business owners juggling multiple responsibilities, especially without a dedicated IT or cybersecurity person. Missing a rule can lead to fines, lawsuits, and increased cyberattack risk.

The best solution? Partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with compliance expertise in your industry. While compliance and cybersecurity aren't identical, they're intertwined. An experienced MSP can bridge the gap, ensuring you meet regulations and have strong defenses.


2. Insufficient Cybersecurity Measures


Cyber threats are constantly evolving, making robust security a business imperative. Leaving the  IT department solely responsible is risky. A cyberattack can expose trade secrets, confidential communications, customer data, and employee records, causing significant damage.

Work with your IT team on a three-pronged approach:New call-to-action

  • Prevention: Do you have up-to-date antivirus, firewalls, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to block attacks? Are employees trained to identify and avoid cyber threats?
  • Detection: Many businesses miss breaches entirely. Do you have systems for regular scans, monitoring, and endpoint detection and response tools to catch threats early?
  • Response: Is there a plan for incidents? Do employees know how to react? A rapid response by your IT team can minimize damage.

Leadership involvement is crucial. Cybersecurity is not just an IT concern; it's a business risk that requires commitment from the top.


3. Lack of Cybersecurity Awareness Training


While tech proficiency boosts productivity, it's equally important for cybersecurity. Regular training equips employees to understand and follow best practices, safeguarding your company.

Make it a Shared Effort. Leadership doesn't have to shoulder the entire burden. Partner with a reliable IT team. They can:

  • Deliver regular updates on emerging threats.
  • Conduct phishing simulations to test awareness.
  • Provide ongoing training to reinforce best practices.

A one-time session isn't enough. Building a strong cybersecurity culture requires consistent reinforcement. By making security a regular conversation, you create a vigilant workforce.


4. Lack of Strategic IT Planning


In today's digital landscape, technology fuels business growth. Unfortunately, a common hurdle is the disconnect between leadership and IT. When business leaders, with their big-picture view, collaborate with IT professionals, they unlock informed technology choices for long-term success.

Imagine your IT team as trusted advisors, guiding you in key areas:

  • Optimizing Operations: Streamline processes and boost productivity through innovative tech solutions.

  • Selecting the Right Software: Find the perfect tools to empower your business needs.

  • Modernizing Infrastructure: Upgrade outdated hardware and software for optimal performance.

  • Cybersecurity Expertise: Implement robust security practices to safeguard your business.

  • Scalable Cloud Solutions: Harness the power and cost-efficiency of the cloud for future growth.

  • Predictable IT Budgeting: Move away from reactive fixes and create a sustainable IT budget.

5. Poor User IT Support


Technical difficulties can cripple productivity. Slow devices, outdated software, and unreliable support all lead to employee frustration and decreased output.

With a reliable IT team, whether consisting of in-house experts, outsourced support, or more commonly, a blend of both, you can rest assured that skilled technicians equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge will be readily available to promptly assist employees and resolve any issues that may arise.


6. Mismanaged User Access to Sensitive Data


In larger organizations, managing user access to sensitive data can be a complex task. IT professionals can streamline this process, ensuring:

  • Least Privilege Access: Each employee only has access to the data they need to perform their job.

  • Enforced Security Policies: IT safeguards your data by enforcing consistent security protocols.

  • Continuous Monitoring: Suspicious activity is identified and addressed quickly.

IT can handle a variety of tasks, such as creating new user accounts, modifying existing ones, removing accounts, adding remote users, setting permissions for network access, and more. This becomes crucial during the offboarding process of employees. Whether the departure is amicable or not, revoking data access from individuals with sensitive information requires careful handling to mitigate risks effectively.

By managing user access effectively, IT minimizes security risks and protects your valuable data.

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